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Background Colors Matter

Working on pages as I create my scrapbook designs, I realize how very important color is … Color matters so much! I have been adding a mat (square of colored paper behind my photos before adhering to the layout) and I see the impact each color has on the total design. I stay within the […]

Topics to Scrapbook or Write About

One of the challenging parts of scrapbooking, journaling or any type of writing is the how and what topic to delve into. Being that there is such a vast amount of subjects out there, an outline or plan to follow seems the route to follow. Since I am an avid list maker with little note […]

Creating Small Pieces leads To The Finished Project

Now that I have entered the “World of Scrapbooking”, I have encountered a few obstacles that I have listed below. “Overwhelming” being at the top of the list! Overwhelming Not having the right supplies Laying out my pages Waiting for photos Sitting in my craft room staring at the blank scrapbook pages doesn’t do me […]