Background Colors Matter

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on

Working on pages as I create my scrapbook designs, I realize how very important color is … Color matters so much! I have been adding a mat (square of colored paper behind my photos before adhering to the layout) and I see the impact each color has on the total design. I stay within the same color hue but will use different colors for each photo.

Now recently I have been trying to use the colors within the photo to match the background paper. This sounds easy, but in fact, is rather challenging. This part of the project seems to take the longest. I switch out different backgrounds constantly until I find the correct combination that works. Currently, I am waiting for some Christmas paper to arrive so I can work on the two granddaughter’s First Christmas pages. I have all the photos I want to use, but the papers I have don’t match up!

I joined the VIP program with Close to my Heart last November when the program started and have purchased quite a bit of my scrapbooking products from them. They host Live scrapbooking presentations on Facebook and I have learned so many wonderful tips and tricks to make my layouts come together more easily. They offer themed kits designed for specific holidays or seasons and I am thinking this may be the route to take for future projects. It would eliminate the time-consuming efforts to find the correct background papers and all the embellishments, titles, etc. are included.

I really am enjoying the whole Scrapbooking Journey! It gives me the perfect outlet during these Covid days and gives me the opportunity to leave something of value for my Grandchildren. Right now I am focusing on my layouts with the photos and the parents can journal OR I may go back later and add Nana’s own notes (Nana’s Notes… that would be cute). I think if I try to journal now I will never get the pages done!

Enjoying the process!