Topics to Scrapbook or Write About

One of the challenging parts of scrapbooking, journaling or any type of writing is the how and what topic to delve into. Being that there is such a vast amount of subjects out there, an outline or plan to follow seems the route to follow. Since I am an avid list maker with little note piles stacked everywhere, I find myself using this method to focus on my scrapbooking projects.

I want to keep the three books I am creating for my grandchildren relatively equal so I have a tally chart with their names and how many pages I have completed for each. I also have a list of what events I would like to create memories about – firsts of everything = basically the main holidays at this point. I am relying on the photos my children take and post or send me so this method is somewhat not in my control. I do know they will take photos of all the holidays though!

Once I am caught up with these scrapbooks, I want to work on other projects. What and where to start is my question.

I really enjoy the process of creating a mini story with a few photos and some journaling and when I first started scrapbooking a few months ago, I was rather anxious about the whole thing. Now that I just create a little at a time and make constant changes to the layout taking anywhere from a few days to a whole week, I feel much less stressed out.

Since I absolutely love taking photos of nature, birds, flowers and gardening, I already have quite a few topics to choose from. Or I could use several topics at once and go from there. I take photos and share them on Instagram but never print any of these out and since I am ordering plenty of printed photos of the grandkids at this point, I could add a few of my sunset or flower photos and create my own little book or journal.

Now that’s exciting!!

This will also show my grandchildren and future generations, what I enjoyed! I may even expand some sections and show them “How To” do something or what type of bird food works best, etc. A learning guide … I Love this idea!!

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