Creating Small Pieces leads To The Finished Project

Now that I have entered the “World of Scrapbooking”, I have encountered a few obstacles that I have listed below. “Overwhelming” being at the top of the list!

  • Overwhelming
  • Not having the right supplies
  • Laying out my pages
  • Waiting for photos

Sitting in my craft room staring at the blank scrapbook pages doesn’t do me any good! So what I find myself doing more and more is creating small pieces of art to use in the future. Most times I am really just having fun playing with different markers, inks, stamps discovering what does what. Then as I sit before a blank of sheet of paper, I have little pieces of art all ready to use as I design the next layout.

This creative process also helps me overcome the urge to go out and purchase more art supplies. Like many crafters out there, I have quite a stash of supplies that I have accumulated over the years. Just experimenting with what I have has shown me I don’t need more .. I need to use what I have! For example, I used the above liquid pearls (which is paint) and the bottle of re-inker with a few drops of water and painted the flowers!

Laying out the pages for scrapbooking is an on-going endeavor and it seems I have plenty of time as I wait for photos to arrive. I am considering the purchase of a photo printer, but that won’t happen for a while yet!

In conclusion I have realized that these tiny crafting pieces I create along the way are leading to the beautiful finished layout in the end! This process is much less stressful and gives my mind time to refresh and come back with new ideas that usually end up creating beautiful finished pages!

I will be sharing complete page layouts in the Facebook group – Saving Memories, so hop on over and Join me!!