I Wrote A Letter to My Grandchildren

I wrote the first of many (I hope) letters to my Grandchildren detailing the experience I had when I received “the call” that they were just about to enter the world! I can recall vividly the experience since the girls were born this past summer and the memory is still clear and my grandson was born 2 years ago, so his memory of the call is still fresh in my mind. I would highly recommend taking notes or jotting down a rough copy of your experience if you plan to scrapbook or write a letter to your own grandchild (or child), since you may forget tiny details if you wait!

For all three births I received a call/text prior … when they were on the way to the hospital. So this is how I started each letter to my grandchild. I wrote of the call, how I tossed and turned all night waiting and then finally when I received the wonderful news they were here! Can you image reading a letter like this about your own birth!! How cool would that make you feel?

This is a Great start to creating a Scrapbook for your Grandchildren! Document the moments right before they arrive in a letter. I also included a special photo in the envelope!

I am doing great on my Scrapbooking Journey and I have noticed one key habit that I see becoming a part of my creation process. I have found the initial development of the page – the colors, the layout, what embellishments to use – can become mind-blowing if I try to do this all in one sitting. So what I am doing is first taking the photos for the theme; such as First Thanksgiving and laying them aside with various colored backgrounds. Then I leave it to look at the next day!

The next day I will start to arrange the photos and my layout ideas on the page, along with embellishments and a thought for a title. This page creation can take anywhere from 1-3 days to over a week. I have to be “completely” satisfied with the entire look, before I start gluing anything down!

I only do one page at a time!

At this stage of my process, I have –

  • Grandbaby R – 5 completed pages
  • Grandbaby C – 4 completed pages
  • Grandbaby J – 2 completed pages … this is grandson’s book and I have 2 years worth of photos to choose from, so the process is much more complicated!

At some point, I will be sharing the completed pages in the Facebook group I created (which I will set as Private) so everyone can feel comfortable with sharing their own photos and process (or just watch for ideas)!

Happy Memories!!

The group is at Saving Memories for our Grandchildren