Covid Christmas

As I reflect on the many long months since March when we went into lockdown due to Covid, I am grateful. Grateful for the two new granddaughters born during the summer when the pandemic was raging across the entire world and grateful that my grandson now has Mom and Dad home to raise him.

I don’t know how to put into words the feelings of missing hugs and story time, but I know I am much more fortunate than many who have been hit by this horrible virus. My daughter, son-in-law and one of the new granddaughters did have Covid so we did not skate by untouched and we are still holding our breath that everyone is Ok and everyone else remains healthy.

The experience definitely is a story to tell and a memory to pass on to my grandchildren. Looking back through so many photos as I begin my scrapbooking journey, I truly realize how much I have taken for granted. Last Christmas we had a large family celebration and everyone lined up to take photos to save the memory.

This year 2020 Christmas will be different. No smiles to share across the room or silly jokes to make everyone laugh. Gifts were sent through the mail and greetings will be sent through text messages.

As I begin to layout the pages for my scrapbooking story, I am puzzled how I will tell my granddaughters how I missed their first Christmas and my grandson why Nana wasn’t there to watch him open his new table and chair set we bought him.

As we celebrate the holidays, let us pray that our Blessings will all stay happy and healthy and that next year we can hug and kiss and remember the Christmas of 2020 – the year that forced us to appreciate life and all our little blessings so much more.