Past Photos and New Crafting Machine

I received an early Christmas gift this week and it is a Sizzix Vagabond die cutting machine!! I do have my Cricut Expressions machine, but I wanted a die cutting machine that cut more precisely the intricate details I am looking for in my designs. I am not ready for a Cricut Maker and I found a pretty good deal on the Vagabond and I am really liking it!! I also received other supplies via FedEx and UPS this week … orders that seemed forever to get here have finally arrived! So I have been busy stamping, cutting and designing and did complete my second granddaughter’s first 2 page layout for her scrapbook! Hooray Hooray!!!

Not only was the above quite overwhelming, it really was a lot of Fun!! I now realize I need a whole lot more glue runners, paper and markers! I was dabbling with the alcohol markers that you can blend together and I will have to watch some YouTube videos to learn the correct techniques for shading and making the stamped image more realistic.

Speaking of overwhelming ……… I decided to unpack ALL my past photos I have accumulated over the years! I realized I had to go through them all since I know my children really won’t know who half of the people are when I am gone or appreciate the zillion sunset photos from vacations ( and really, yea … it is time to unload them)! Also my wedding album … if you remember way back when, you received a package deal which included an album of pictures – 50+ of just me looking different ways, at my flowers, into the far off wall. Then the girls standing up each have a similar set of photos (4 of whom I haven’t seen in ages) and then we have the ceremony, cake, intros ………… Great memories, but way too much of the same thing!

That’s just a small portion of past photos and I definitely felt Overwhelmed!!

What I decided to do was make piles or stacks for each area I want to create a Scrapbook for and eliminate duplicates or just excess nothing photos. Here is what I came up with –

  • My Childhood (my Mom created a small scrapbook a couple years ago of me so I just need to add all the childhood photos I have to this).
  • My Wedding – shower – honeymoon
  • Lots of vacation and sunset photos!
  • My son & daughter already have an album from day 1 through college that I gave to them after they left home. I still have a million photos of them growing up, so I need to scrapbook those!
  • My husband’s childhood and family photos.
  • Various family photos i.e. parties, weddings, etc.

And then we have the Three Grandbabies that each need their own Book!

Oh dear, I think I opened up a can of worms with this project!! On the bright side I really can’t go anywhere since we are still in Covid distancing and staying home, so what better way to spend my time than by reliving Memories and saving them for future generations to enjoy!!