Beginner Steps in Scrapbooking

When Black Friday rolls around and you are beginning your scrapbooking journey, you load up on all the deals you think you will need, right? I purchased lots of cardstock in various colors and Distress Oxide inks were a great deal, some glue, embossing ink and a few other items. What I noticed in viewing different layouts is that most use a mat behind each photo on a page. Usually a color that acts as a frame around the photo to bring out the colors and the whole photo itself.

I DID finish my first page (it seemed like it took months), but it received “approval” from my daughter so that’s definitely a win. The page announces the birth of my granddaughter and I thought that was the perfect place to start.

While waiting for the photos I ordered, I cut out tons of embellishments with my Cricut and had designs all laid out ready to glue in place. That ALL changed when I received the photos! I realized that the photos have to come first and then I can design around them not vice versa. Well, at least for now until I get a clue about what I am doing.

I have boxes and boxes of old photos that I do plan to scrapbook at some point, but I am anxious to start these three books for my grandchildren while they are young (and I remember the important facts). I actually wrote them each a little letter about my waiting the night before and getting the call from Mom and Dad they were here! Oh my gosh, I would have loved little notes from my grandma!

An important tip when ordering your photos is to make sure you upload the correct aspect ratio when sending online for prints. I received my first batch of photos and 4 had the top portion, most important part, cut off. I did a little research and I am hoping I figured it out. My second batch is still on order and I will know when they come in. I believe the correct ratio for the photo is 3:2 or 4:3. So what I ended up doing is this. The photos were in Google Pictures from my kids and a few of my own. On my computer, I went to Google Pics, found the photo and saved it to My Computer (I made a specific folder so I could find it) and then I opened it up and “Edited” it in my photo program on the computer. I checked the aspect ratio and some didn’t fit well into the right 3:2 frame so I didn’t use them or I moved them around. I am hoping this will fix this issue!

Another photo issue is the actual printed size I have to choose from. Standard is 4×6 which is fine for some, but I want smaller photos also. Wallet size is a nice size, but you receive 2 of the same photo and the cost is quite a bit more. I found a Collage feature which may be how I work this out. It can be the 4×6 size or larger and have several photos in it, which I can just cut apart. The cost of the collage print is definitely the best way to go.

I have a lot to learn … from the Best Scrap Book I want to use, papers, protectors and then comes all the techniques to add (which will be FUN) but it certainly is much more than just adding a few photos to an album and thinking that’s it!

If you have any tips to share, please do!

Thank you!