Scrapbooking Journey

So my scrapbooking journey is underway … did I mention this in a previous post? I have decided to create scrapbooks for my grandchildren and have been obsessively researching “how to scrapbook”. Of course, I have clicked all over the internet since each link leads to another and another and then … you forget what you are doing (or is that old age once again?)

Scrapbooking is Huge!!! There are hundreds of companies and thousands of people who enjoy the art of creating memories ,, and it truly is an art!

My first approach to scrapbooking was to get as many photos as I can on a page and have a fancy background with little decorations all over the page. That’s not it at all.

Scrapbooking is photos and journaling and telling a story.

As I mentioned Scrapbooking is an art. It is the ability to capture the story behind the photos with feeling and create memories that will last long after you are gone. I want my grandchildren to know that I so delighted in their birth and their life … they may not remember me well, but I was there watching them grow and laugh and it was such a Blessing. I want to capture all of this and leave my memories for them.

Where do I begin with such a task?

After I realized what scrapbooking really is, I also realized there are many formats and layouts and ways to create all this journaling and it IS overwhelming to say the least. So I took a thought session with myself and in the end I realized that … this is Me creating something for My grandchildren. I want them to get a glimpse into their grandma and to some day know the true love I had for them. I want to encourage them and give them confidence and know that I believe in what wonderful little people they really are.

I want them to hear me speak to them and maybe somehow show them a little bit of my own life (or is that another scrapbook to create?)

Also ………………. do I create a layout and then add photos or place the photos on blank paper and create from there? Right now, I have a few layouts but not really. I ordered some photos of different sizes to get a feel for that part and even realized there is a collage feature that might work well for photos.

So much to figure out!

But it will be Fun and so so worth it!!

p.s. I also dug out all the boxes of old photos I have ….. oh my, that will truly take me a lifetime to scrapbook!