Creating Memories for my Grandchildren

Being one of the first to welcome your newborn grandbaby (especially the very first) is an emotion best described as happiness bursting at the seams. The pure joy of holding that little bundle is like no other feeling in the world. A miracle brought into this world, the innocence and beauty, a gift from heaven.

Two years ago when the above photo was taken we had no idea that moment might be a first and last for us. This year we were once again blessed to welcome two more grandbabies (a month apart) but due to Covid restrictions, we were not allowed to visit. Our home visits since their arrival have been sparse and hardly a chance to cuddle; wearing masks and keeping distant. Seriously, not what we had expected!!

Spending quite a bit more time at home these past 8 months since Covid arrived, I have had time to think about what I can leave for my grandbabies in the way of memories. With a love for crafting, I decided it was time to delve into scrapbooking.

I certainly have photos galore since mobile phones are the new norm these days and snapping a picture is second nature anymore! Thousands and thousands of photos are stored online and I do wonder what will become of them all in the future … 50 years from now? Will they be archived somewhere or lost forever?

Scrapbooking is the ideal answer for a crafty grandma to undertake and I have realized it is no easy task. I will be creating a story book of memories for each grandchild to enjoy about themselves – even long after I am gone. Designing the coloring and layout along with an important message that they will cherish seems a challenge but a fun one. All the tools and the technology are a click away and I have a room full of craft items at my fingertips.

I have joined a few Facebook groups and have been watching You Tube daily.

I started a group on Facebook Saving Memories for our Grandchildren …. please join me!!