Missing my Grandbabies

Certainly this Covid pandemic has changed many routines, lifestyles and most definitely taken health and lives from many. I pray daily for those who are suffering and who have left us … it is staggering the numbers. My parents are in their 80s and I worry, a relative has contacted the virus and I worry, my husband and I remain vigilant in our distancing and rarely if ever go anywhere. I worry.

My grandbabies …. I worry.

My grandson just turned 2. When he was 4 months old (after Mom’s maternity leave from work ended) I babysat him 3-4 days a week (8-10 hours a day) and I really got to know that little guy. The Covid lockdown ended that and I, just like the rest of the world, tried to sort out the future. I spent his entire (almost) first year + tending to his every need and I miss him … dearly.

I kept my mind busy holding my breath as my daughter and daughter-in-law each gave birth to a grandbaby girl over the summer of the pandemic. One month apart and baby grandson was excited to rock his world with a new baby sister. So everyone was busy being born and dealing with the changes of working from home and watching the world around us change forever.

Me … the Nana of now 3 grandbabies …

Had to keep her distance and watch them grow via Snapchat and Google photos

I certainly am not complaining – I mean who is there to complain to? This is no one’s fault and there is all types of meanings that can be construed for how, why, will it end, etc.

I know that my grandbabies are in very good hands and I am proud that my children will do an expert job all by themselves. I think that is one of the hardest things a grandparent deals with … letting their own kids raise the grandbabies. I mean I never was an in charge Nana by any means, but now I just wish I could read some more stories and watch the squirrels run around or the butterflies flutter about.

Those simple little things … hold so much meaning