Organization and My Ah ha Moment

I have always been “just floating around” on the internet surfing and creating social media channels and engaging here and there. No real schedule or consistency with my posting, I just “knew” I had to grow my contacts. This is something I touched on in my previous post Networking your Small Business – the need to build your social media contacts. For I knew or hoped that some day it would all come together and make sense as to my real mission and guess what!!!

Today I had my Lightbulb Moment!!

I listen to A LOT of inspirational, business building people on the internet and catalog it all somewhere in my brain. Today it all just seemed to come together … I still am mulling over the fact that I finally realized how to approach my own business building plans and it makes so much sense.

The number one factor that clicked first was … being told again and again to find your target audience/customer. I was trying to narrow it down to a specific age and lifestyle. I took some time to really think about the people that I have been talking to about my business or those who simply asked me questions AND it’s not an age or lifestyle trend that I should be focusing on … not at all! The folks varied in age from 30 – 80 and all were either in the dark about our products or just didn’t want to take the massive time to research and learn on their own.

They all wanted someone to tell them what they needed and why!

I realized that at any time anyone can google for information they need … how to plant a garden, what is the current color trends, planning weekly menus ………. you name it, it can be googled!! This can also boil down to “information overload” and the mind can only take so many recipes and suggestions before it just shuts down.

Sometimes it’s nice for someone to just suggest a real nice solution to a problem and where to buy the product easily.

::::: Lightbulb Moment :::::

The next item I realized is the fact that I need to Unclutter my online life. I must cleanse my Facebook account of needless groups and pages that I follow for “no reason”. I have to work on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and make them more resourceful for myself and my followers. Most importantly, I need to come up with a way to educate others about our products and the health benefits with a good, concrete newsletter and blog with answers and solutions.

My strategy and focus –

  • Clean up my social media channels
  • Delve into my products and really learn them
  • Use a content calendar to schedule posts
  • Blog regularly
  • Research sending newsletters monthly instead of random posts

Most certainly …

We all need that Lightbulb to light up and show us the clear vision of what we need to focus on!!