Tea Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is upon us! It’s time to start checking off names from your gift list and if you have Tea Lovers on that list, we have Gifts!!

Sipology by Steeped Tea has over 100 teas to choose from … there’s a tea for everyone! Looking over the catalog can seem overwhelming especially if you are not familiar with loose leaf tea. One of the first purchases I made was “Make your own Tea Collection” Item 19447 which offers you the choice of picking out 6 teas from a pre-selected list. There are 8 different varieties with 3 teas in each category to choose from.

Make Your Own Tea Collection

The highest level of caffeine can be found in our Pu’erh tea followed by Black tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, White tea and finally Rooibos, Herbal and Fruit which are caffeine-free. The Earl Grey de la Creme is a favorite and the tea that started the company Sipology by Steeped Tea. The Collection includes Steeping Sacks which are tea bags which you can use to steep your teas if you or your gift recipient do not have a tea infuser. The size of the teas are smaller than when you purchase each tea separately; sampling different teas is the focus with this purchase!!

At the time of this writing our Holiday Exclusives 24 Steeps Tea Collection Item 9578 is still available. I ordered one for myself and it should be arriving any day. Follow me at DebN Sips & Shares Facebook Group to hear my reviews.

Description of Teas in the 24 Steeps Collection

The Silver Gift Tote Bags – one contains caffeine free teas, the other caffeine teas

Holiday Companion Collection #19460US

Holiday Sparkle Collection #19461US

I LOVE the Tote Bag …… so classy!!

Holiday Companion Collection 19460US

Holiday Sparkle Collection 19461US

There are 5 Holiday Exclusives Teas which are available until December 31, 2020 or while supplies last.

Holiday Teas Sipology by Steeped Tea while supplies last
  • Strawberry Santa-Gria Fruit Tea Item 3402US
  • Gingersnap Cookie Rooibos Tea Item 2472US
  • Blood Orange Biscotti Black Tea Item 1587US
  • Naturally Sweet Candy Cane Tea Black Tea Item 1607US
  • Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Green Tea Item 4697US

Make sure to start your Holiday Shopping early … there are definitely going to be delays and shortages since everyone is shopping online from the computer! If you would like to Host an Online Party, we can do that or if you would like more information about starting your OWN Sipology by Steeped Tea Business … Information here!!

Happy Shopping Season!!