Networking Your Small Business

As we head into the Holiday Season amid the continuing Covid pandemic with no immediate end in sight, we must consider how we will network and market our small business. Social online channels are the obvious answer, but where do we start? If you have been around with your business for years, all your social channels will be set and operating ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few. If you are new to the online marketing world or just embarked on a business online, you must take the time to set up your channels immediately.

Start your social channels before you are Ready!!!

The reason you need to start your social channels as soon as possible is because you need to Build your Community (gain friends and followers) who recognize you and when the time comes will purchase from you. Most of our face to face connections are on hold and establishing trust online takes time. It will not happen overnight and if you are serious about achieving success with your small business, you need to connect in Facebook groups, Instagram feeds, Twitter conversations.

Building Community is key right now for your online business!

If you are unsure where to start – start with one social media account at a time. Utilize the Search functions on the platform and take a look at what other accounts are posting and figure out who you are comfortable engaging with. I created a Networking Group on Facebook just yesterday to build up a FUN group since most times just concentrating on Business will get you no where. Plus looking at the screen all day learning, learning can be overwhelming.